woensdag 16 november 2011

the K'uil

Pleased to meet You, fellow Traveller

We as a group of writers concluding into future steps
experience noo science which is a mnemonic to
breakthrough scientific steps harmonizing themselves at enormous speed.

We list some items a giving an idea for hangons and handover partners.
  • (re)installing the human race into the world of politics - say "poll-ethicks"
  • setting free techniques that clean the bodily vessel as "Harlemmer oil"
  • spicing the Ancient 13Moon calendar with }} kweak {{
  • feedbacking Earth Unity and Smartware Solutions as gifted by Keshe Foundation
  • ...
"We cannot change people and a human being changes all the time"

Our basecore is the BeneLux, winking the 3 states to overcome borders.
But then NooSphere is a mnemonic term guiding our race into another aeon.
We simply knowww ;-)

S'ace, public servant in hydrogenious tissue

') "uil" is the animal known as OWL, power animal of 4th moon out of 13

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